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Meet Harish Mehta

Founder - Onward Technologies, Co-founder and first elected chairman – NASSCOM

India, once ignored by the world, had a miraculous economic turnaround since the early 1990s. A growing consensus points towards Indian IT as the driver behind this phenomenon, that was led by NASSCOM its industry association. Thanks to NASSCOM, the Indian IT industry, the software industry in particular, and India received the recognition, facilitation, and acceleration that they all deserved.

Meet the man who nurtured the idea of NASSCOM with other industry leaders and brought it to life, to effect this monumental change.

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From The Mind Of
A Maverick

  • Innovation breeds on failure. It's imperative that the fail-points are discovered early on.

  • Learn to conjure dreams that are much grander.

  • You compound growth when you collaborate, cooperate, and compete.

  • Pre-emptive, consultative policymaking will become the most important driver for the technology landscape that is growing more complex by the day.

  • We could, and must, evolve into a country rooted in our traditional values and yet use a scientific mindset to reclaim our historical place as a global economic superpower.

  • We need to stop treating entrepreneurs who are struggling or have failed as criminals.

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