Noteworthy Chapters From Harish Mehta’s Life


NASSCOM isn't just an institution, it's a movement that shaped an industry and a nation. With the Maverick Effect, Harish Mehta sets out the blueprints to this movement and more importantly the maverick-mindset that can shape industries, nations and lives.

He hopes that eager minds will find within it, everything they need to accelerate growth and usher in a more equitable future for all.


  • Anekantwad

    Growing up, Harish Mehta was inculcated with wonderful tenets of Jainism. One of them being the acceptance of multiplicity of truths. Anekantwad helped him navigate through life and align with dissenting, disagreeable individuals for a common, altrustic purposes and goals.

  • Aparigraha

    One of the tenets of Jainism that Harish Mehta imbibed was of non-attachment. Even till today, this empowers of causes he espouses, without wanting to hold on to position or title.

  • Coopetition

    When Harish Mehta first came across this value, he instantly related to it as his core value. Getting together competing forces to cooperate with each other for common, altruistic goals has since become his intrinsic strength.

  • No Personal Agenda

    To put greater good and larger goals above personal agendas has been a value Harish Mehta always upheld. It has played a major role in his personal, professional and organisational imperatives. He championed ‘No Personal Agenda’ as a core tenet that built a game changing and built to last industry body like NASSCOM.

Accolades & Awards

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    Recognition by Prime Minister of India

    Honoured for his 25 years of exemplary contribution to NASSCOM in 2017 by Shri Narendra Modi.

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    Honoured with a fellowship on the occasion of 33rd Annual Convention of CSI.

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    Distinguished Alumni

    Honoured by COEP in 1995.

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    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Awarded by IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2018.

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    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Awarded for HR Excellence by Deccan Herald in 2004.

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    CEO of the Year

    Awarded during an international seminar organized by NMIMS, Tata HRD Network and World HRD Congress in 1994.